Arts: How It Changes Perspective In Culture

Man and eart have been along side each other since the early days of man through the paintings and carvings that they etched inside caves. As man developed, so did the methods and forms of art, and through this, artists have been able to express themselves. It could be an expression of sorrow, happiness, worship, dismay, and so on. And through this mean, artists are able to show to the people what they see, what they feel, and what they think.There are a lot of ways in which one can express themselves through art. It may be through sculpting, painting, photography, virtual art, music, writing, acting, and dancing so basically art is a method in which a person is able to relay to others the emotions that they feel. 

Understanding art

The invention of the camera sparked the start of the digital world which captured the moments of a person in that particular time. As the camera was developed, people have become more hooked with taking pictures, but some took it to the next level and turned the pictures that they take as a work of art. Take poolside with slim aarons for example in which Slim Aarons was able to capture how the famous socialites and Hollywood stars live their life, and how these people spend their time in famous pools of hotels or pools in their house. For me, it depicts that these people are able to live the high life despite the US was suffering the great inflation of the 1970s. Paintings have been always been a favorite of mine becuase this type of art is able to express the events that happened during the period in which the artist picked up his brush, dipped in into the paint, and stroked the canvas. Every detail can be seen, every detail has its own meaning, and has its own story. Painting was one of the methods in which artists told their story in such a way that others may be able to actually see and imagine about what event took place, and what is the story behind the painting rather than just getting the idea through reading a book.

The job is to provide perspective

Whenever a person sees a picture, a painting, a sculpture, a dance, an act, or hears a music the impact of those artworks is relative. It is a matter of how much you are able to relate to the art, the emotions that you feel, and how it makes you think about a specific idea.