3 Types Of Quilting That Everyone Should Know

Would you believe if one said that a line of work like this could help you fight stress? Sewing is more or less a mediation that mostly women are engaged in both professionally and as hobbies. If you generally like to sew things, you should be aware of several types of sewing. Quilting being one amazing method to feed your creative mind, there are different categories of them and specific set of terms that are used there.
This is all about them.

What is it? The aim of this practice is to deliver thicker materials starting off from thinner, by sewing two or more layers on one another. It typically consists of 3 layers. Starting off from the top, there is the top/surface layer. In between that and the bottom layer quilt backing comes the batting. All of these are essential parts of a great quilt.There are 3 major types of quilts. They are namely, Go here https://www.thimblelady.com/  for more information about easy hand quilting designs.  


  • Machine based
  • Tying
    All three kinds needs different supplies and there are common ones that can be reused. These are the ones that you need to invest in because they can always be used in many ways, even by changing the orientation.
    It doesn’t matter what is the types you are following, you need to have quilt stencils in your inventory of sewing items. It is a template that it used to transfer the design by tracing on to a quit top. When buying them, you need to make sure that they are only purchased from a reputed company. If not, there will be number of difficulties that you’d face.The type #1 or the hand-made quilts needs to be sewn by hand. This is obviously the most conventional way. But for the experienced ones, sometimes the accuracy can be improved incredibly compared to a machine based one. But in the end of the day, this technique cannot be recommended for dimensionally large clothes.
    The type #2 or the machine based one is carries an explanation by the name itself. This method extremely convenient when you need things done quickly or when the size of the cloth is simply too large. You might not have the access to a machine at home, but for household things investing in quilting stencils for borders would make things quite easier.The type #3 or the tying ones are tied; simply put. But this method is not popular due to the poor final finish. Hence, it can be concluded that most of the time you use the hand-made method. In doing so, you need to be careful and well equipped for a better creation.